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10 sewing projects using fabric scraps

  1. Scrap bucket basket, from The Sewing Loft.
  2. Toasty rice Hand Warmers with Lavender, from V and Co.
  3. Reversible head bands, from The Long Thread
  4. Free Car CD Holder, from Georgia Leigh
  5. Heart shaped pouch mini tutorial, from Dog Under My Desk
  6. Super Cute Sleepy Eye Mask, from Making Things Is Awesome
  7. Patchwork Pincushion, from Better Homes and Gardens
  8. Triangular Pencil Case tutorial, from A Spoonful Of Sugar Designs
  9. Tutorial: DIY Cord Keeper From Fabric Scraps, from Leafy Treetop
  10. Tissue Case Tutorial, from Very Purple Person



Bags for makeup and toiletries

Bags and accessories for knitting

Knitting Tote


 Needle organizer

Yarn basket

Pattern available for purchase



I love sewing, and I always search the web for inspiration and projects to sew. There are so many out there! I wanted to find a way to organize them, keep track of them, and share them with others, so I thought I’d use a blog to post them.